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Important Chromebook Information

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NEW ONLINE CHROMEBOOK MEETING OPPORTUNITY: Parents of 6th-8th grade students, you now have the opportunity to attend your annual chromebook meeting online. This meeting will replace the necessary face to face meeting for your child to receive a device. In order to participate in online chromebook meetings students must have attended CMS at least one year (no new students or 5th graders). In order for these online sessions to count parents MUST: 1) work through the short presentation 2) complete the short attached quiz with 100% accuracy 3)  PRINT, SIGN and RETURN the device policy agreement at the end of the presentation  4) Pay the $40 device fee in cash. 


 If you have questions or need additional assistance please contact Kayla Lightsey (Technology Integration Specialist) via email


HERE is the Link to the presentation and quiz:

If you are asked for a PIN or  code, enter: DBZLX

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